Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapy services are available to assist patients in regaining their self-care independence.

Physical Therapy

Sunshine Health Care provides physical therapy services to improve strength and range of motion in residents with impaired physical deficits.

Speech Therapy

Speech Therapist at Sunshine Health Care work with a variety of of deficits such as cognition, speech/language, and swallowing. Our speech therapists are "VitalStim" certified for Dysphagia.

Short Term Rehabilitation

Sunshine Health Care offers a short-term rehabilitation program to help patients achieve their highest potential independence and get back to their homes in the shortest possible time.

Nursing Services

Our skilled nurses at Sunshine Health Care provide exceptional care and a variety of nursing services including oxygen therapy, IV therapy, wound management, pain management, diabetes management, enteral nutrition, and pulmonary care.

Outside Services

Sunshine Health Care makes sure residents have access to hospice, dialysis, podiatry, transportation, dentistry, advanced wound care, mental health, and optometry outside services.